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I'm a loser with way to much time on his hands. I'll occasionally write opinions on comics here, or do the even rarer art post, however I'll mostly just be rebloging things I think are cool. My personal whining tag is Blooging about it, so if you want to block that now please do so.


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Kamen Rider

Corey Lewis draws Kamen Rider
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 Simon Hanselmann is the best. Serious dudes Michael DeForge and Patrick Kyle and Simon are on their Cute boy Alert tour — This is from the Locust moon stop. where (and in response to) this happening recently.  

So that’s what Simon Hanselmann looks like under the wig. It feels kinda wrong seeing him like this, like seeing the actors in starwars without their masks.
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I drew Simon Hanselmann’s Meg Mogg and Owl from Megahex while on our Inkstuds 500 tour. . 
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227 plays

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Me to my Production Manager after meeting a deadline.
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Le noyé a deux têtes, 1985
Jacques Tardi
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Thank you to the readers who stopped by to speak to me at SPX.
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Creepy #15 (2009) frontispiece by Bruce Timm
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New feh yes vintage manga scanalations page!!!!  Check it out!!  

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